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The term Sharp Bettor is thrown around constantly in the sports betting community. It’s almost mystical. The fact is the Sharps as they are called are not really these Ace Rothstein types who are smoking cigars and sipping Scotch in sports books around vegas. In this article I will go into what makes a sharp and how you can become more like one and use their moves to benefit yourself. Lets do it.

What defines a Sharp.

A sharp bettor is defined as a bettor who constantly beats the closing line. Most think that it has more to do with the amount they bet and the amount they win. Which just isn’t true. Now what is true is because they beat the Closing line value (CLV) they typically do do better than most. Not all sharps bet large amounts of money. Some do. But you can bet a relatively small amount of money and get limited by sports books if you are constantly ahead of line movement. Some online books are notorious for this. One of the problems with being “Sharp”. So that is what makes a sharp a sharp. Now onto how they do it.

How do Sharps become Sharp

The vast majority of Sharp players are computer modelers now days. They build complex math models to set lines and scores for the games. They typically bet larger type volumes because of their implied edges. They...


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North Carolina (-3.5) at
Virginia Tech (+3.5) over +164.0

Game time: Monday 1/22, 7:00 PM

Icon-ok Virginia Tech (+5.0) @ $1000.00 adjust +102.0

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Monday, 22 Jan 2018 9:38 AM

pick locked in about 5 hours ago

North Carolina vs Virginia Tech Pick

Got VT +5 -108. Widely available right now. I don’t think it will last though. My line was NC -2.5. Some decent LV here. My SP loved the line also. About 60% of tickets are on the favorite although the money is favoring the dog. The public are loving UNC as usual. And VT 1-6 ATS skid feeding to there love of UNC. But VT has been decent at home against the number. Both teams line up well...

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Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) at
New England Patriots (-7.5) over +46.0

Game time: Sunday 1/21, 3:05 PM

Jacksonville Jaguars 20 FINAL
New England Patriots 24  view game

Icon-ok New England Patriots (-7.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 21 Jan 2018 9:06 AM

pick locked in 1 day ago

Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots Pick

Call me crazy, I am going against a lot of what I preach a lot of times. I am taking the Patriots -7.5. My line on the game was NE-8.5. My SP actually favored JAX to cover. The tickets are favoring NE ground 60% most places. Money is pretty aligned with those percentages. Look I was close to taking JAX early in week. Right at 10. I didn’t do it. And now you ask why the switch. It’s simple...

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Drexel (+4.5) at
James Madison (-4.5) over +148.5

Game time: Saturday 1/20, 4:00 PM

Drexel 73 FINAL
James Madison 75  view game

Icon-ok Drexel (+4.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Saturday, 20 Jan 2018 11:08 AM

pick locked in 2 days ago

Drexel vs James Madison Pick

Drexel +4.5 -110. My line was JM -4. The SP ere even better. Had a couple systems I liked for the game also. They are very similar teams to me. Both teams have struggled going 2-8 L10. JM has been slightly better ATS. I just like the points in these type games. About 60% of tickets are on JM. But the biggest portion of actual $$ is on Drexel. I will follow money here on this one. GLA!

Like a...

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I cant sleep till I get this off my chest. Well this month continues to be bad. Fought back early in week to just turn around and finish bad. Things are not going well and I am not going to sugar coat any of it. Lets get into the numbers and then we will talk.

This weeks numbers.

For the week 3-4 -1.19x
For the last month 12-21 -10.42x
Since the return of the SGP 26-32 -8.29x

CFB 3-5 -2.39x
NFL 7-6 +.54x
NBA 4-9 -5.61x
CBB 12-12 -.83x

There are the numbers. Actually for the week it wasn’t the end of the world. But.....with what has happened over last month I need to do better. Period.

The games....

IND -1.5. W. Pretty easy win. The score was closer in end that this game ever really was.

SIU +6.5 W. Got it by the hook. Was actually pretty lucky on this one. It could’ve easily went the other way.

UTA +7. W. Got the cover and the SU win. Had a huge third to make it happen.

Northeastern +3.5. L. Never really close. They did close the gap for just a few seconds in second half but it didn’t lasts.

WisGB +5.5. L. Lost by the hook here. It was tough to swallow but after getting on the lucky side of the one earlier in week I guess ya got to swallow it.

Siena +7.5. L. They were covering literally the whole freaking game. Until about 1:10 to go. Foulathon got us here. Very frustrating.

PHO +3.5. L. Never...


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Buffalo (-3.5) at
Western Michigan (+3.5) over +152.5

Game time: Friday 1/19, 7:00 PM

Buffalo 84 FINAL
Western Michigan 74  view game

Icon-ok Western Michigan (+4.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Friday, 19 Jan 2018 9:04 AM

pick locked in 3 days ago

Buffalo vs Western Michigan Pick

W. Mich +4 -105. I actually got the 4.5 but it was gone way before I could get it out. Will it come back. I doubt it. My line was Buff -2.5. A little value. My SP agreed with my line. 86% of early Spread bets are on BUFF. The thing is the vast majority of $$ is on WM. The line left the 4.5 to current 4. And I could see it going lower. Buff been on a terror covering 8/10 and they are being...

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Marist (+6.5) at
Siena (-6.5) over +144.5

Game time: Thursday 1/18, 7:00 PM

Marist 65 FINAL
Siena 68  view game

Icon-ok Marist (+6.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Thursday, 18 Jan 2018 7:09 AM

pick locked in 4 days ago

Marist vs Siena Pick

Marist +6.5 -110. Everywhere for now. My line was Siena -5.5. Got a little line value there. My SP are even better than that. I have several systems in place on this one my favorite being a bad performing team facing a team with below average scoring margin. The ticket count for now is split and there isn’t any $$ to talk about reported. Their records are almost identical along with their...

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Air Force (+8.5) at
Colorado State (-8.5) over +139.0

Game time: Wednesday 1/17, 9:00 PM

Air Force 76 FINAL
Colorado State 71  view game

Icon-ok Air Force (+8.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $1980.39

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018 10:43 AM

pick locked in 5 days ago

Air Force vs Colorado State Pick

AF +8.5 +103. Can get +9 at couple shops but I am giving the prominent number here. My line was COLst -7. Gives a solid 1.5 of LV. My SP are better than that. I have a system for the game. Early ticket count favors CSU around 58% but the vast majority of money is on the dog. Line dropped from 9 to 8.5. Missed the move. AF has been spread darlings going 5-2 L10. CSU no slouch either. Both teams...

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Central Michigan (+6.5) at
Ball State (-6.5) over +147.5

Game time: Tuesday 1/16, 7:00 PM

Central Michigan 76 FINAL
Ball State 82  view game

Icon-ok Central Michigan (+6.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018 6:57 AM

pick locked in 6 days ago


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Central Michigan (+6.5) at
Ball State (-6.5) over +147.5

Game time: Tuesday 1/16, 7:00 PM

Central Michigan 76 FINAL
Ball State 82  view game

Icon-ok Central Michigan (+6.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018 6:56 AM

pick locked in 6 days ago

Central Michigan vs Ball State Pick

In effort to keep from overthinking things I am releasing on a good one early here. CMU +7 -110. My line on game was Ball ST -5. The SP favor CMU by good margin. I got about 2 points of line value here. Early on about 60% of tickets have come on Ball ST but 90% of $$ is on CMU. This line will not last. I’d feel good playing down to 6. But get in early and take the 7. Stats and records for...

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VMI (+8.5) at
Western Carolina (-8.5) over +140.0

Game time: Monday 1/15, 7:00 PM

Western Carolina 65  view game

Icon-ok VMI (+9.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Monday, 15 Jan 2018 8:49 AM

pick locked in 7 days ago

VMI vs Western Carolina Pick

VMI +10 -110. 1Tiger. My line was WC -8. I like dogs off blowout losses when they are good ATS teams. And they are a road dog with low last 3 scoring margin. I can work with that to. The Kadets have been playing as huge dogs most the year. 7 of their last 10 they have been 20+ point dogs. And they managed to cover all but 1 of those. And won 2 SU. WCU is no slouch winning 6/10 ATS themselves....

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Well I almost couldn’t have drawn up a worst way to start the new year than 1 for 6 for the SGP. It happens. Never a fan of these losing streaks. But they happen. It will bounce back. I am hoping it does so in time to save this month. Ended up just over a unit last month and I hate losing months. If it don’t start happening now it will probably not happen. Okay lets get into it.

1-6. That was the first weeks record. And as bad as that sounds the picks were even worse. Most of them were not even in ball park. Does that mean they were bad picks? I don’t believe so. I go in on a side of a bet with confidence. Does it mean I will be right. Hopefully between 54-60% of the time it will be. That’s what I am shooting for. But sometimes it is dead wrong. And it was a lot this past week. Lets look at the ugly numbers.

Last week 1-6 -5.4x
Last 30 days 13-19 -7.33x
Since the return of SGP 23-28 -7.1x

OCT 15’-JAN 17’ 262-223 for 29.7x (54.02%)

NFL 7-6 +.54x
NBA 2-8 -6.56x
CBB 11-9 +1.31x
CFB 3-5 -2.39x

So there are the weekly numbers for you to look over. Don’t spend a lot of time doing so. It is counter productive. I had a decent week with all my picks. Unfortunately I no longer give out everything. So lets focus on these. NBA is off to another cold...


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Indiana Pacers (-3.5) at
Phoenix Suns (+3.5) over +220.0

Game time: Sunday 1/14, 8:05 PM

Indiana Pacers 120 FINAL
Phoenix Suns 97  view game

Icon-ok Phoenix Suns (+3.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 14 Jan 2018 10:49 AM

pick locked in 8 days ago

Indiana Pacers vs Phoenix Suns Pick

PHO +3.5 -105. Got the the Suns her today for the SGP. My line on the game was IND -7. Thats to high. I have over adjusted them a bit and I got other triggers which make me love this game. My SP actually loved the points here. Indiana is the public favorite getting 59% of the tickets. But the $$ is strongly backing the SUNs. The line opened at 4.5 and even with the action it has dropped to 3.5....

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Siena (+6.5) at
Manhattan (-6.5) over +136.0

Game time: Saturday 1/13, 7:00 PM

Siena 61 FINAL
Manhattan 72  view game

Icon-ok Siena (+7.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Saturday, 13 Jan 2018 9:40 AM

pick locked in 9 days ago

Siena vs Manhattan Pick

Sienna +7.5 -104. Heritage. My line was MAN -4. Good line value here. The SP were also good. This line just seems plain 2-3 points high to me . I even went to Massey and checked. They have 5.5 as the line. I had a couple BL systems for Sienna. As of this writing about 60% of tickets were on them. Real early though. These things are enough for me to go in.....GLA


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Wisc Green Bay (+5.0) at
IUPUI (-5.0) over +146.5

Game time: Friday 1/12, 7:00 PM

Wisc Green Bay 61 FINAL
IUPUI 67  view game

Icon-ok Wisc Green Bay (+5.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Friday, 12 Jan 2018 9:22 AM

pick locked in 10 days ago

Wisc Green Bay vs IUPUI Pick

WiscGB +5.5 -105. My line was -2. Got some line value here. My SP were split though. I also had a couple systems I like to follow that this game qualified for. They are solid. The ticket count favors WGB as they are getting around 63% of tickets. No line movement on the game yet. I actually believe this number will come down. This could be the best of it. These are pretty much mirror teams....

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Northeastern (+3.5) at
Coll Of Charleston (-3.5) over +135.0

Game time: Thursday 1/11, 7:00 PM

Northeastern 66 FINAL
Coll Of Charleston 82  view game

Icon-ok Northeastern (+3.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 1:33 PM

pick locked in 11 days ago

Northeastern vs Coll Of Charleston Pick

Northeastern +3.5 -105. 1tiger. Available most everywhere. My line is Charleston -2. My SP liked the dog here. 1 straight up. Had a BL system on it. These teams are very very similar in every way. Stats, ATS record, even SU record is just about the same. COC is coming off two losses though. The ticket count is heavy on COC. Around 75%. There is some sharp action on Northeastern though. And I...

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Utah Jazz (+8.0) at
Washington Wizards (-8.0) over +208.5

Game time: Wednesday 1/10, 7:05 PM

Utah Jazz 107 FINAL
Washington Wizards 104  view game

Icon-ok Utah Jazz (+6.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018 2:28 PM

pick locked in 12 days ago

Utah Jazz vs Washington Wizards Pick

Taking the Jazz +7 -110 tonight. My line on the game was just at 7. My SP were much better though. Line opened at 7.5. Majority of tickets are on WAS. (60% or so). There is some money on the dog here. Caused a little RLM. It isn’t any wonder why the tickets are coming in on WAS, they are on a 7-3 run while Jazz are on a 2-8 run. They’ve played some decent competition last few games though....

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Southern Illinois (+6.5) at
Bradley (-6.5) over +131.0

Game time: Tuesday 1/9, 8:00 PM

Southern Illinois 62 FINAL
Bradley 68  view game

Icon-ok Southern Illinois (+6.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $1961.54

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Tuesday, 09 Jan 2018 12:55 PM

pick locked in 13 days ago

Southern Illinois vs Bradley Pick

Southern Illinois +6.5 -110. 1tiger and Betonline. My line on the game was -3 Bradley. My SP were split actually on this one. I had a BL system on L3 scoring margin which fit nicely here. To me these teams are pretty even. Stats these teams carry are very close. The majority of tickets are on Bradley. 70+% There is some money on S ILL though. Ill ride with the money here. Get in now. Line is...

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The year is over. It was a really good one for me. We will touch on the numbers a bit. Talk about last week. And a little about going forward. Lets do it!!

Hey guys. So how was your year? Mine was good. I am going to talk a little about the year that was and some highlights and lowlights.

I finished the year at 34.4 units up for the year. This is MY number based on what I did. They were all out there. For the biggest part of year I was betting a half unit when I was playing the volume. Then when I went back to the SGP a month in a half ago I went back to a full unit. This makes it complicated to give out exact numbers. From here on out all I track for this site and you guys is the SGP and that will be easier to give you exact numbers. I will continue to update daily,weekly,monthly numbers on that pick. I am playing much more than that. Including some live betting. A lot of ML bets. Just to hard to keep that all so I will continue to just give the SGP from here on out. 1 a day. Except some special days maybe. As always if you want to know where I am at just ask.

Highlights of the year.

April and May in Bases. Crushed it.
CBB. Was all around great season.
Win totals. 8-3 in football. 5 of 6 in bases.
Early season NFL....


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Milwaukee Bucks (+1.5) at
Indiana Pacers (-1.5) over +215.5

Game time: Monday 1/8, 7:05 PM

Milwaukee Bucks 96 FINAL
Indiana Pacers 109  view game

Icon-ok Indiana Pacers (-1.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2020.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Monday, 08 Jan 2018 1:31 PM

pick locked in 14 days ago

Milwaukee Bucks vs Indiana Pacers Pick

Got IND -1.5 -103. Heritage. Lets get this thing back on track. I really like IND here tonight. My line on the game was IND -3. A little bit of LV. The SP agreed with that number. The line opened up -1.5 and has held to this point. I do see the possibility that this could go to 1 or PK. But I like this reduced juice option. Last night the early action was on the the Bucks. It has evened out a...

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Buffalo Bills (+8.0) at
Jacksonville Jaguars (-8.0) over +40.0

Game time: Sunday 1/7, 1:05 PM

Buffalo Bills 3 FINAL
Jacksonville Jaguars 10  view game

Icon-ok Over (+40.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Sunday, 07 Jan 2018 11:43 AM

pick locked in 15 days ago

Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars Pick

BUF/JAX over 39.5 -108. Heritage. My number is 41. SPs all agree. This is surprisingly kind of a public under game. Prolly because public perception is BUF will not move ball. And ATL cant win and TEN has no chance. Look if you do nothing but go against public perception in sports betting you will do pretty good. JAX defense is good but Buffalo will score. I actually like them to cover. I am...

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Atlanta Falcons (+6.0) at
Los Angeles Rams (-6.0) over +48.0

Game time: Saturday 1/6, 8:15 PM

Atlanta Falcons 26 FINAL
Los Angeles Rams 13  view game

Icon-ok Atlanta Falcons (+5.5) WIN WIN WIN Ticket Cashes $2000.00

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Saturday, 06 Jan 2018 11:12 AM

pick locked in 16 days ago

Atlanta Falcons vs Los Angeles Rams Pick

ATL +5.5 -106. You can actually get 6 at 5dimes for extra juice. My line here was LAR -5. The value wasn’t really there though. My SP loved the 5.5. I had a couple BL systems on the game. 1 was fading a playoff team after a poor last season and the other was had to do with victory margins as visitor vs new playoff team. Then I read a interesting tidbit this am. 4/6 of ATL losses were by 5 or...

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New York Knicks (+6.0) at
Miami Heat (-6.0) over +200.5

Game time: Friday 1/5, 8:05 PM

New York Knicks 103 FINAL
Miami Heat 107  view game

Icon-ok Miami Heat (-5.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Friday, 05 Jan 2018 11:19 AM

pick locked in 17 days ago

New York Knicks vs Miami Heat Pick

GOT MIA -4.5 -107. Heritage. My line was -6. My SP were all favorable. Line opened at 5. The ticket count favors Mia 60/40ish. There has been $$ on NY. I don’t care about that in this matchup. MIA has been playing well. NYK has not. NYK blew MIA out the first time they faced. I like revenge spots in NBA. The two face again Wednesday in NY. Which I like also. With the spots and the Numbers I...

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Maryland (+15.0) at
Michigan State (-15.0) over +141.0

Game time: Thursday 1/4, 8:00 PM

Maryland 61 FINAL
Michigan State 91  view game

Icon-ok Maryland (+15.5) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Thursday, 04 Jan 2018 9:57 AM

pick locked in 18 days ago

Maryland vs Michigan State Pick

Maryland +16 -105. Heritage. My line on this game was 11. It opened at 12. I was about to release it at 13.5 when it was steamed up to 16. About 75% of tickets are coming in on MSU. Don’t waste time getting this line. My SP were good with my line. Both teams have been relatively hot. Both SU and ATS. Both won last 5. I’m taking the dog here with what I feel is just to many points....

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George Washington (pick) at
Duquesne (pick) over +130.5

Game time: Wednesday 1/3, 7:00 PM

George Washington 52 FINAL
Duquesne 69  view game

Icon-ok George Washington (+1.0) L

$1,000.00 Pick documented: Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018 3:06 PM

pick locked in 19 days ago

George Washington vs Duquesne Pick

GW +1 -105. Heritage. I have GW as a slight favorite here. Although there was some splits in my SP. The stats I like to look at are very even. Both teams have been playing pretty well. But GW has been a little more tested imo. The majority of bets are on DUQ here. And the line has stayed in check across board with exception of Pinney witch has it at a PK. Good sign. Had a BL system for the...

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